Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Sunday Post | Pitlochry

When it comes to the weekends, Ben and I would much rather jump in the car and drive somewhere than sit in the house all day. My love of the outdoors most definitely started when I was a child and my grandparents used to take me somewhere new every weekend. As a child I enjoyed exploring new places and taking in different sights across the country I live in. I was lucky in the fact at a young age I was gifted with a camera so I was able to document a lot of our family trips away - usually ending in around 100 blurry photos. Pitlochry was always on the top of my list to visit with Ben and it did not disappoint.

The picturesque setting made it a photographers heaven and a stress free zone to visit. After wondering for an hour or so it was very difficult to put the camera down and actually take in the view. This quaint little town is filled with beautiful housing, little gift shops and delicious restaurants and cafes. Still in the country of Perth and Kinross, it is not too far away from home to travel, making it the perfect day destination.

We took a walk around 10 minutes out of the city centre to Rob Roy Way. With its gorgeous waterfalls and easy track, this is a must for anyone visiting the area. The grounds were covered in beautiful wildlife, plants and the striking waterfall. The sound of the water crashing on the naturally made falls was so relaxing as we strolled around with our cameras pointing in all directions. I would completely recommend anyone who is visiting Scotland to take a day trip to Pitlochry, it will not disappoint - even if you just want to grab some amazing afternoon tea and have a stroll along by the river.

Have you ever been? 

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