Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday News | Meet Our Dogs

Sorry or my lack of Sunday post last week, I didn't get around to actually sitting at my laptop and writing one, however I've got a lovely, calming, one coming up this Sunday. This weeks Wednesday post we are talking pets! Meet Farley and May, my family's two labs. 
Growing up my family always had dogs, and I grew up with a Boxer and Labrador, who we all adored but sadly passed a few years past. So, when my mum and dad got the opportunity to foster two rejected guide dogs they could not pass it up. There are lots of former guide dogs that need homes so if you are looking for a trained dog it is an idea to check with your local centre. After a compatibility test and home check the dogs were ours - simple as that. 

Farley, the full black lab, was fully trained but turned down due to his sensitivity, this is great for my mum who is alone working during the day though, as he protects the house. He enjoys carrying toys and slippers around, and takes the post from the postman and delivers it to my mum personally without a mark in sight. He is absolutely gorgeous and loves cuddles on the beds!
May, is our golden lab retriever - she is very loving and just wants to play - which is one of the reasons she was rejected. Both dogs get on so well and we love them being around. May loves everyone, and would happily play with any dog or person she passed, and is always happy to see us when we visit my family home.

Labradors need a lot of walking time and attention but lucky for the dogs that the main reason my parents decided to get dogs again. There will be plenty of posts up including the dogs so I thought I would introduce you! You will soon meet my little birds too..

Do you have any pets?

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