Thursday, 12 May 2016

Welcome to Daily Life

Lets be honest, I'm going to replace this photo with a flat lay when I'm home

This is a long awaited post, but after almost 2 years I am back. Back with a completely new image and new blog!
If you have forgotten who I am, I'm Ellie, a 19 year old student living in Scotland who has been writing since I was about 15 years old about various different things, however now I want to focus my blog on a little more about what I am actually interested in.
My plan is to upload every wednesday, friday and sunday with a different theme for each day, but all will become clear soon.

I really hope you love the new design and theme, happy reading!


  1. Welcome back Ellie! I really like the clean design. I'm looking forward to seeing your posts and seeing what you will be writing about :D


    1. Thank you! Posts up to today and sunday :) hope you like them xx